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Swiss Piano Trio

Martin Lucas Staub, piano - Angela Golubeva, violin - Franz Ortner, violoncello
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one of the very top piano trio ensembles on today’s stage“

US-Magazine Fanfare


"I’m not usually one to say, “Throw out all other recordings you have of these works,” but if I were so inclined,
this new release would come perilously close to prompting me to say it. These magnificently recorded fantastic performances are urgently recommended."
                  US-Magazine Fanfare about the recording of the piano trios by Mendelssohn

"This is quite simply a masterclass in chamber music performance." 

American Record Guide



We are delighted to welcome Franz Ortner as the new cellist of the Swiss Piano Trio !
We look forward to many musical adventures together !

Next concert:

Friday, 3. May 2024, 12.15 h

Musikkollegium Winterthur, Theater Winterthur

Richard Dubugnon: Rundtanz, op. 92 für Klaviersextett (Auftragskomposition des Schweizer Klaviertrio 2022)

Paul Juon: Sextett für zwei Violinen, Viola, Violoncello, Kontrabass und Klavier c-Moll, op. 22


Schweizer Klaviertrio (Angela Golubeva, Violine; Franz Ortner, Violoncello; Martin Lucas Staub, Klavier)

Rustem Monasypov, Violine; Ivona Krapikaite, Viola; Josef Gilgenreiner, Kontrabass

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R E V I E W S  about this edition
The US-magazine Fanfare about Beethoven Volume III:

"With this latest release by the Swiss Piano Trio I’m prepared to double down, even triple down on every admiring and praiseworthy thing I’ve said about this ensemble. The Swiss Piano Trio’s cycle is shaping up to be superb. These are exceptionally gifted players who perform with unerring technical perfection and instinctive musical intelligence that never misjudges the significance of a single note. Very, very strongly recommended." 
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The classical Reviewer about Beethoven Volume II:
The Finale.Presto shoots off with some absolutely superb, fast and brilliantly fluent playing. There are so many fine little string details revealed, some lovely hushed piano phrases as well as much spirit. This is a spectacularly fine performance."

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The American Record Guide about Beethoven Volume IV:
"The energy level here is high, and though it seems trite to say it, these musicians apparently like performing together."
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